Oct 19, 2012

Earlier this week I saw a great talk at the 92Y Tribeca featuring photographer Todd Selby and four amazing San Francisco chefs and entrepreneurs. I know what you are thinking… what does this have to do with organizing? 

Well, Caitlin Freeman was on the panel with her husband, James, owner of Blue Bottle Coffee. She is a  badass pastry chef and perfectionist, as can be seen in her beautiful (and assumingly delicious) Mondrian  inspired cake above. She described what it felt like to have Todd photograph her home. She proudly described how she keeps everything neatly organized (unlike many of Selby’s other quirky subjects). She said her husband describes her as having “bulimia of the home”. She runs a tight ship. She likes clean countertops and hates trinkets. When it comes to personal belongings, she and I must be soul sisters :)

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