Nov 21, 2012

Kitchen stores like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table are great. I could spend all day inspecting each gadget and spatula on every shelf. Yes, they have a wide variety of excellent products. But they can also be an organizer’s nightmare. People wander into these stores, get overly excited and find all this stuff that they just need to have. I’ve seen it happen. They buy a myriad of utensils, pastry dishes, etc. with the intention of making a perfect Béarnaise sauce or croissants.  

First, most people don’t end up making these dishes. And, many recipes don’t require fancy tools. After a point, more tools does not translate into better food. On the contrary, the finest chefs in the world agree that a good knife is probably a cook’s most important tool. So, the cherry-pitters and egg-slicers spend most of their time collecting dust and creating unnecessary clutter. In preparation for Thanksgiving, as you dig through your utensil drawer looking for your meat thermometer, take a few minutes and consider discarding a couple tools you have never and will never use. 

If you are just starting to build your collection of kitchen gear and want some tips on what to buy for your first “adult” kitchen, check out this helpful list of essential tools and equipment.  Please resist the temptation to buy what you won’t use.  Do your friends and family a favor and fill their Christmas stockings with things they really need or can eat!

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