Feb 27, 2014

My first blog post for the fantastic SPARKBOXToys is live…

Before I had a child, I couldn’t understand how otherwise-put-together people accumulated so much stuff at home. It wasn’t long after my son showed up that my minimal and impeccably neat aesthetic became harder and harder to maintain. Toys started to take over one, then two, then three rooms! I certainly purchased some items, but anything that I paid for had to meet a strict set of criteria about usefulness, value, and design. However other things found their way in too, and a lot of them at that. An ever growing collection of toys can make it challenging to keep an organized home. The following are some ways to take back your living room and manage all those wonderful toys.

Encourage gifts to experience and consume. Encourage relatives and friends to give gifts such as tickets to a children’s play, a museum visit, music or dance classes, etc. Always have a few suggestions ready for when someone asks what to get your child. Increasingly, I’ve seen birthday party invites with the words no gifts please, which I think is a more extreme, yet still great idea.

Put it away every day. At the very minimum, straighten up your child’s play space at the end of each play session or the end of the day. Build toy clean up time into your daily routine. Spending five minutes a few times a day can make all the difference. Get your children involved, it will teach them to be organized. If they are old enough to clean up themselves, teach them to do it every time they play. If you come across toys that are broken or missing pieces, toss them. You can’t donate toys unless they are in good condition.

Let your kids do the donating. Is your child turning three? Have them pick three toys to donate before they receive a bunch of new birthday gifts. Holidays coming up? Have them choose some toys to donate, so less fortunate families can enjoy the holidays too.

Any steps you can take to keep toys at bay will help keep your home more organized and maintain some resemblance to a home where adults live. These three are a great place to start!

How have you avoided the toy takeover?

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