Apr 1, 2014

Make Your Home Work

There’s never enough time. There are more tasks and activities to experience in a day than there are hours. Maybe keeping organized was difficult when it was just you, but now you have a few other people’s schedules to manage, too. You have a work meeting, your spouse told you that he signed up for a class, and you promised your son to pick him up a new book for bedtime. Sound familiar? Sometimes it can be difficult to keep everyone’s schedules, comings, goings, etc. straight and keep everyone happy.

I’m the last person who wants to bring work home, it’s family. But the reality is that things don’t get done on their own. There’s nothing wrong with applying the same productivity principles you would use at work at home. Here are a few tools and practices borrowed from the workplace that don’t require much time, energy, or money, but will help you keep things from falling through the cracks.

A big family calendar - Depending on your preference, a google calendar or a big paper calendar (or even a chalkboard!) hanging in the kitchen or a frequented hallway can bring a lot of clarity with little pain. Advanced tip: Use a black marker for events that pertain to the whole family and a different color for each family member. You can also use the color system online.

Schedule time on your calendar to get things done. Add family tasks to your calendar like you would a dentist appointment. For example, I needed to book some flights but I had to discuss a few things about them with my husband first. We kept putting it off because other things came up. So, I made a 15 minute appointment on our big family calendar (ours is digital) and it gave us a specific time for the task. Now it’s done!

Family to do list - To do lists can be productivity’s best friend or a stress-inducing reminder of how much you are not getting done. But without a written and up-to-date to do list, your brain has to spend some of its energy just remembering the myriad of tasks to do, taking up precious brainpower that can be spent on actually getting things done. Again, decide if it makes more sense to keep a digital or paper list. If your kids are old enough to contribute, encourage them to add tasks to the list, too. i.e. fix little Max’s broken firetruck toy.

Running your home like a business is good practice, but it has its limits. If you find yourself filling out timesheets you may have gone too far!

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