Jul 7, 2014

Your car: a home away from home

A lot of parents spend A LOT of time in the car. Picking up children, dropping off children, trips to the grocery store, and commuting to work only scratch the surface. So, why not give the same care you give your home to your car? Here are a few tips to keep your home away from home in order and ready for whatever comes next.

Keep it sparse

Start fresh by emptying everything out of your car. Reintroduce essentials. Then once a month or as needed, take five minutes and remove non-essentials from your car.


Ensure you have them. When messes happen, wipes must be plentiful. Even if you carry wipes in your diaper bag (if you still carry one) keep a container of wipes in the front seat or in the back seat pocket. When one of your children spills (or you spill) it’s important to be able to grab a wipe in seconds.

Supplies on hand 

Snacks, sippy cups, a few toys and books that stay in the car, a first aid kit, jumper cables, cell phone charger, paper/pen, umbrella, ziplock bags, flashlight, blanket, frisbee. This isn’t a complete list, but these are the things that I use most frequently in my car. Keep emergency gear together in a container in the trunk so it never gets misplaced.

Important papers only 

Important paperwork should live in a neat pile or a folder in your glove compartment. This includes your registration, proof of insurance, repair warranty info, owners manual, and if you’d like, the manual for your car seat. You’ll want easy access to all those papers in one place, especially if you get pulled over, a mysterious light on your dash starts to flash, or you get in an accident.


As a rule, try to limit snacking in car.  If it is necessary, consider snacks that aren’t too crumbly or sticky.  For example: water not juice. carrots not crackers.

If you are into car organizers, here are some options for the back seat, seat back, and trunk. Before you make a purchase, measure to be sure the organizer will fit the dimensions of your car. Organizers should only be used for their specific purpose. Be careful not to let them fill with junk! If you want to make your own organizing solutions, you can get creative with things you have around your home. I love this idea from Better Home and Garden to use a plastic cereal container for a car trash can.

Drive Safely!

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