Does your child’s playroom resemble a sea of toys? Do you have boxes in a storage closet that remain unopened months after your move? I can organize any room or storage space in your home - from your garage to your kitchen. I will get your clutter under control and teach you how to prevent future build-up of "stuff."

"I felt at ease the moment Deena entered my home. She started by touring a few "problem" areas around the house. Together, we decided that my kitchen office was the best place to start. It's a challenging area because my kids are always in and out of the drawers. The cabinets were overflowing with random things and papers. Deena broke down the project into discrete parts so it was not overwhelming and actually kind of fun. At the end of three hours, my space was perfectly organized and she gave me some great tips to keep my kids from creating chaos in my newly organized drawers.

We unearthed a ton of random photos during our time together. Deena helped me sort them and set up a plan to deal with the many unframed photos aroundmy home. She followed up in the weeks following our first session and encouraged me complete six photo albums, and there are more coming! Amazingly, the space still looks like it did when she first completed the project months ago. I recommend Deena for her organizing skills, but also for her positive energy, creativity, and patience."

Ali C, mother of three