"Deena is - in a word - amazing. I could use many adjectives to describe Deena - such as efficient, worth every penny, and helpful. I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organizing our home for our 3rd child but Deena stepped right in and took care of things for us. Within the first 3 hour session she had redesigned our playroom, organized our "junk" drawer, and helped clean out our front hall entryway. She organizes in a way that makes sense for your family and is easy to maintain. I look forward to working with Deena again in the future and would recommend her and her services to anyone that needs help organizing or redesigning space in their home to better fit their family."

Cate White, mom & blogger - glutenfreegathered.com

"From start to finish, my experience working with Deena was invaluable. At the outset, she really took the time to get to know me, and the needs of my family, both including our budgetary constraints, our space, and of course, our difficulties with organization. Deena and I were able to find a solution to help achieve some of my organizational goals working within my budget, by combining some hands-on time together with follow-up homework. Because I am so disorganized and messy, I am usually embarrassed to have people over my home, but I could not have felt any more comfortable with Deena from the get go – it was like having an old (and extremely helpful) friend stop by for a visit. We decided to focus on my kitchen, which was constantly in a state of chaos – there wasn’t a surface that I didn’t have covered. Deena instantly saw the source of my problems and came up with a quick and easy solution – she repurposed the adjacent hallway shelves to create a pantry, and reorganized my kitchen so that I could easily access what I needed on a regular basis, and equally important, so that my get-into-everything toddler son could not access anything messy or dangerous.  Just the few hours we spent together has really saved me so much time and energy already! Best of all, my husband was so blown away by the results in our kitchen, he has decided we should include organization into our budget so that we can tackle additional projects with Deena!"

Lauren L, mother and scientist

"I am a paper clutterer meaning I have weeks of unopened mail, 10 to-do lists, 3 calendars, and about 50 Post-its circulating my desk at any given time. All this paper clutter made me constantly feel disorganized and overwhelmed to the point that I didn't want to do anything on my to-do list.  In just a few short hours Deena was able to help me see the behavior that was causing this mess of a paper trail and how I could change it. She helped me find better ways of digitally organizing my tasks in order to clean up my desk from all this paper. As someone who loves to write things down moving into a digital lifestyle is a huge change for me but doing this actually helped me not feel overwhelmed anymore and helped me organize myself better. She also helped free me of all the numerous containers I had loitering around my desk to create a clean, efficient space so I can be at my best when I need to work. What is best about Deena is that she works with you to create a custom tailored organizational lifestyle that fits your needs and personality. She asks the right questions to figure out what will suit YOU best and really listens to you and your concerns. She also gives you guidelines and tasks to do while she is gone so you can start thinking and behaving like the organizational guru she is. Deena not only creates organized spaces for you, she also empowers you with the tools to MAINTAIN this organized lifestyle. Having her come to my home and work with me was the best birthday present I could have ever received. Thank you Deena! You really are a life-changer!"

Ruby Marez, actress

"In just 5 hours working with Deena my life has changed for the better. Not only are my closets more organized than I have ever had them in my life...but my MIND feels less cluttered too!  Deena is incredibly talented,  patient, kind, and just lovely to be around. She not only helped me organize my apartment, she taught me tips on how to keep it that way. If I could I would give her even more than the 5 stars. Hire Deena! You will not regret it."

Sharon W, mother of twins

"I was both a recent widow and empty-nester drowning in a sea of documents, old clothes, and items so unused that I didn’t even remember owning them. Deena Fischer may have saved me from being the subject of a hoarders episode! Truthfully, I am merely an average housewife who never had the opportunity to purge the things that six family members can accumulate over a period of 25 years.

There are many people who can advertise themselves as “organizing experts”, and I am sure they can do a great job of bringing some meaning to total chaos. Deena, however, possesses skills that reach far beyond neatening closets and labeling file folders. Deena brings a certain sensitivity to her projects that make them seem surmountable. She segments projects to make them appear less intimidating. She even chooses a room in the house where she thinks her client will be most productive. Most of all Deena is uncanny at picking up on both verbal and non-verbal cues that tell her it’s time for the client to either transition to another type of task or call it a day. She is respectful of property and what sentimental value it might have for her client, and she is completely discreet.

Specifically, Deena helped me to purge and dispose of ancient documents kept unnecessarily out of fear of the dreaded IRS. She re-organized my finances online showing considerable knowledge of programs available to perform such tasks. She completely organized my printed photos by year (27+ years worth). She helped me scan photos and produce two beautiful computer generated photo books. She completely reorganized my hard-copy filing system, which required her to merge three separate household systems. Finally, Deena continues to work with me on various computer tasks and helping me to prepare to sell my house.

I give Deena Fischer my highest recommendation for anyone who is either looking to accomplish a small organizing task that just keeps getting pushed to the back-burner or a multi-dimensional overhaul of an out of date household such as mine. Her energy is infectious; she is a true gem".

Joanne H.
Greenwich, CT

"We have certainly benefited from Deena's involvement with Digital Photo Academy. She began by interviewing and observing my staff at work. Deena identified our needs and operational challenges, and then provided targeted and effective solutions to  streamline our daily processes. In addition, she coached my staff to interact with our customers in a more professional manner.

would strongly recommend any small business who even thinks they could use help with organization get in touch with Deena now."

Richard Rabinowitz, President, Digital Photo Academy

"I felt at ease the moment Deena entered my home. She started by touring a few "problem" areas around the house. Together, we decided that my kitchen office was the best place to start. It's a challenging area because my kids are always in and out of the drawers. The cabinets were overflowing with random things and papers. Deena broke down the project into discrete parts so it was not overwhelming and actually kind of fun. At the end of three hours, my space was perfectly organized and she gave me some great tips to keep my kids from creating chaos in my newly organized drawers.

We unearthed a ton of random photos during our time together. Deena helped me sort them and set up a plan to deal with the many unframed photos aroundmy home. She followed up in the weeks following our first session and encouraged me complete six photo albums, and there are more coming! Amazingly, the space still looks like it did when she first completed the project months ago. I recommend Deena for her organizing skills, but also for her positive energy, creativity, and patience."

Ali C, mother of three

"We finally know where everything is in our kitchen! Deena found and installed some great drawers, and put everything in what now is clearly its rightful place. Thanks to her, we will stop buying spices we already have. We are really having fun cooking in our newly organized kitchen! 

Deena also did an amazing job kicking off the reorganization of my home office. She helped me sort through old files and get a bunch of documents in order. She started the project and gave me the momentum to finish it on my own. I am so organized now, it feels terrific."

Janet Kain, Owner, Janet Kain For the Home

"We moved from California to our apartment in Park Slope five months ago. While we've done a decent job with a cross-country move and a toddler, there were a few places in the apartment that I had almost given up on ever finding a good way to organize. Deena came over and within minutes saw what the core issue was. She was like a very insightful, kind therapist who in the most diplomatic way possible doesn't let you off the hook. For example, she took one look at our dining room closet and made some excellent suggestions to organize the space-- all of which were completely doable and did not require spending a dime. Deena is patient, kind and you feel totally at ease with her. Coming to one's home and looking into one's closets can be a very personal thing and Deena is extremely non-judgemental. She is practical, straightforward and all of the suggestions she made were within our budget."

Tristanne W (and Steve), mother and graduate student

Deena came over and dived right in to help me organize my kitchen and linen closets. She worked fast with me and within hours we were done and I was organized! She gave me solutions for all of my organizing needs and followed up with me when I had questions. 

I will definitely use her again and can recommend her highly to anyone who needs help! 

Kelli Konop, mother of two